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Feel like helping make a char? :D

PostPosted: August 27th, 2013, 8:15 pm
by Snakus
Hey Fellow oblivion Fans

I really really love Oblivion, and to this day i still make mods for the PC version, but can someone save me the time and make me a Xbox char? And as soon as i get him i am going to make him my main character and put hours into him

Race : Khajiit
Star : Thief
Class :Thief
Sex : Male

Optional Quest's - All daedric shrine quests except Hermaus because the last quest im going to do is the main quests Or all main city quest (Keep all the gear from the daedric shrines and main city quests because im a collector and i would like to put display them in my house.)

Please if you could help me out if not dont leave a rude comment

Once dont please send me the link so i could download him to Horizon. :mrgreen: