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Whats your favorite build?

PostPosted: July 31st, 2015, 11:56 pm
by dasneezequeen
I personally love playing a Lycan Pyromantic Altmer but my absolute favorite was playing an Argonian Roguish Assassin, where she too was a werewolf but specialized in stealth while the other enjoyed setting heads on fire.

I like to see what people build Pictures welcome, feel free to go crazy in your description I don't believe there's a a character limit and if there is add a continuation. Skyrim was and still is a huge game for experimentation so many possibilities, level doesn't matter, heck it can be a build you've had on your mind but never quite completely fleshed out.

I know one favorite isn't just reasonable, if you have more favorites list them and go crazy I'd love to read what motivated/inspired you.

Mods allowed, but please keep it tame.

I was going to post a small gif of my Pyromage setting heads on fire but little did I know she is broken. Likely one of my first mage builds and I just forgot how badly she was broken.