A New Rule About Indicating Exploits

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A New Rule About Indicating Exploits

Postby Tom » February 21st, 2009, 4:14 am

Over the past week, we've run into a couple problems with members creating character profiles containing unbelievably high stats posted in them. Since these members claim to have used exploits to increase certain statistics for their characters, a new feature has been implemented in the UCP for characters that have used exploits to increase some of their stats.

When you are modifying a character in the UCP, if that character has used exploits to increase any of the character's stats, you must select the "Yes" option for the "Do You Use Exploits" field in Section #1 of the character modification panel. That will indicate in that character's profile that exploits have been used to increase some of that character's stats. Next, we ask that you list as many exploits as possible that you can remember in the "Exploits Used" text box right underneath the "Do You Use Exploits" option on the UCP character modification page. Doing so will inform others who view your profile that you have used exploits to increase some of that character's stats, and that will serve as an explanation for most people as to why that character's stats may be unbelievably high. (For more information on this new system, read Rule #10 of The Elder Stats Rules and Guidelines.)

Also, in correspondence with this newly-added system of indicating exploits, a new rule has been added to The Elder Stats Rules and Guidelines (Rule #10) which explains fully what you are expected to do if you are posting stats for a character that has used exploits before. Please be sure to read and fully understand Rule #10 of the Rules and Guidelines before posting stats that have been increased by using exploits! Failure to comply with this rule will result in the hiding of such character profiles along with the warning and/or banning of your user account on The Elder Stats. This rule was put in place to help make sure that people are posting legitimate stats for their characters, so following this rule will only benefit you and the other members and viewers of The Elder Stats around you. If you have not used exploits for any of your characters, then you do not have to worry about this rule.

Finally, if anyone is wondering whether or not some method they have used to increase their character's stats in Oblivion is considered an exploit or not, please read the following Knowledge Base article to learn about how to recognize exploits from regular in-game techniques: http://www.elderstats.com/kb/article?a=21.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, and we hope that this new system will be used as required by those who have used exploits for any of their characters. Remember: posting characters that have used exploits is allowed as long as the exploits are properly indicated according to Rule #10.
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